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no updates check in 2 years maybe?

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16th July 2004

6:04pm: ha ima fuckin pimp hells yeah!

13th June 2004

Current Mood: angry

7th June 2004

5:20pm: Oo Boy..
HeY this is LuNa! i guess TonY is too lazy 2 write sooo im writing for him! umm..he had a co0l day @ skool today!..
**he like kicked his teacher just because she wouldnt let him use the phone to call ME!!! yup..he got in trouble! wat an idiot..but yea i saw tony the other day n he looked very hot! =) he said i looked hot too but umm i had just like jumped outta bed! but thanx tonyy! and this weekend..he hung out with his friends and watched stanley get piercings!..how cool..thats when i visited himm! so yea tony is a really cool kidd...and hes MINE n im HIS GoT iT?! OK!! soo bak up!!! *ToNy says...


chunkylover5453: I FREAGIN LOVE YOU

yea thats to me..hes mine..hahahaaaaaa
LoTS oF <3..
McLuna xoxo
Current Mood: crazy

29th May 2004

3:35am: HA
some fag is gonna get his fuckin gay ass kicked yeah! im gona fuck him up soo bad
Current Mood: fuckin pissed

13th May 2004

10:42pm: hey
well, im updating that kid mike is gonna get the shit kicked out of him! or is he now? Well thanks for everyone that commented in my past entry. i got someone new for who to update "wink wink" yeah u. u know u. well ttylater <3
Current Mood: happy

3rd May 2004

4:50pm: update!!
yes well an update!!
Current Mood: bored

1st April 2004

12:10am: uff
well guys it was time for an update(mocking someone) i went to a hockey game n got to bond with the chicks from the polo team, oh im a such a pimp. It was awesome my brazilian friends pissed of this white guy and he just walked away it was hilarious i had forgoten how much fun it was to do stuff like this, is what i truly enjoy, maybe in the inside im truly a jock hahahahah well peace out guys
many thanks to hannah she motivated me to update <3 love her
Current Mood: happy

11th March 2004

11:08pm: look guys
i took logans stupid quiz n look what i got i think it fuckin wrong im more of a Ska-P guy

brand new
Brand New is writing your life story! clever and
insightful, but missing something...like love.
don't worry, you'll get over him or her

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" Math my dear boy is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology"Peter Griffin
Current Mood: confused

6th March 2004

2:11am: okay
Okay today im gonna write in spanish
La mañana estuvo una mierda tuve q ir al colegio q mierda, bueno despues no huvo practica y yo queria ir q puta es la vida o no compadre, por la noche fuy al hijoeputa sawgrass por no tenia nada q hacer hahaha no havia ni un culo de gente no joda todo el mundo estava en el concierto del maricon ese, vi a dallas y a sus amigas, tambien vi a steph y a sus amigas, y a anna y stephanie del cypress de la mierda a quien man asi claro a morgan y a alex tambien y a superman tambien.

"Gays don't vomit. They're a very clean people. And they've been that way ever since they came over to this country from France."
Peter Griffin
Current Mood: quixotic

2nd March 2004

10:34pm: oye hombre
Today i went to school, u may ask why n then i will say why not, no i would say cuz im gay? no im cool but umm i dont know why i went tomorow i may fight this redneck n if i do ill get kicked out from the water polo team so i dont know what to do if i should chose pride over friends....
When I was a kid my favorite relative was Uncle Caveman. After school we'd all go play in his cave, and every once in a while he would eat one of us. It wasn't until later that I found out that Uncle Caveman was a bear.
Jack Handey
Current Mood: worried

1st March 2004

10:15pm: guys
Well crazy weekend, we beat mother efin western 14-3 man what a whippin we gave those suckas hahahaha. <3
When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me
Emo Phillips
Current Mood: awake

27th February 2004

9:01pm: sorry
well guys im sorry but i was pissed for one big reason before; my dad told me that im leavin with him in march, yes Colombia, he didnt say if it was permanent or not i hope not...
Current Mood: crappy
6:27pm: fuck u all
Current Mood: pissed off

22nd February 2004

12:49pm: Messy
This weekend was out of the ordinary, friday i went to the soccer game and after that i went to stans house were we did notin then rodrigo came n we went to macdonalds i was hungry n then in mcdonald we saw hindu n superman n heather 2, it was ok nite then on yesterday i went to the mall with hannah n dallas it was pretty cool n i got to see them we met a south african guy named steve he missed the bus, n then we went to walmart were we bought a large amount of food we left it there for a bum to eat.
It was a great nite <3
Current Mood: happy

18th February 2004

7:18pm: Today
well school was gay n it sucked no just kiddin good good no messin breans, practice =good tired scored 1 goal with my head yes bitch with my head hahahahah!
glamour nd love to all! wat the fuck that was gay
Current Mood: satisfied

17th February 2004

10:57pm: gay
this is gay
Current Mood: blank
8:11am: well
It was time for an update and yeah well its cool its really early im goin to school later on since im to tired, well friady was fun i should have gotten there sooner i saw my buddies yeah u know who youre it was overall fun, i worked this whole weeken n got in trouble yeah im sorat stupid well i met this girls pretty hot got her phone # call her some time! well bye lov ya all
Current Mood: grateful

11th February 2004

8:18pm: hey guys
Today school was ok i slept through most of it oh man i took the longest nap in second period since i have no class to go to! After school polo practice i got fuckin tired today i scored 2 out of the 5 goals against the other team im fuckin tired yes! Love to all
Current Mood: tired

9th February 2004

10:44pm: good
Im allowed to stay guys!!!! yaya yaya yaya mierda bien!1!!!! yes well see ya!
Current Mood: content

5th February 2004

6:41pm: today was fun
well today school was good, but the BEST part was after i stayed for practice and saw of all of cool homies from the team theyre great, and then i saw the cool chicks hanah,steph,dallas,alex,michelle, hindu(shes ok), morgan, sarah shes also cool well i had fun & cool to hangout with them i got some pizza i ate sooooooo fuckin much n now all of the fat girls in the team wanna kick my ass cus they think i ate their pizza while they were in the bathroom its only partially true.
Well guys u updated at last i love all of my buddies! O crap tomorow report cards o shit!!!!!
Current Mood: pensive

31st January 2004

7:08am: umm
well everyone knows wat i did yesterday so no point in explaining & i missed stan, thanks to everyone that was there love yu all hannah stephania dallas alex and my great friend andres and off course the band yeah the band
Current Mood: happy

29th January 2004

7:37pm: hi
today i went to school my new classes are ok except for theater it sucks is gay as an asian homosexual it pretty gay, i well eat a one of those pastrys and it made me sick for up to now, and then i stayed after school for practice i had to take a number 2 sooooo bad, but well i ran 4 miles and on the way talked to my friend alexandra(shes really cool omg hahahaha) and this chick likes me(shes not pretty)!! and then well i got home and slept and typed in my journal.
Love to everyone hehehe.
Current Mood: sick

27th January 2004

7:05pm: well
today i went to school and stayed for practice after shcool and then I saw the tutifruti gang which contains dallas, hannah and stephanie(i met today shes cool) well and then they stayed cause they didnt have a freagin ride home so yeah they fuckin stayed it was cool omg theyre soooo cool hahahahah oohyeah oohyeah i hope they got a ride :)
Current Mood: jubilant

23rd January 2004

10:02pm: TOday
Yesterday i went over to stans house like at 8 and then well a bunch of ppl came pover to his neighborhooh(spelled right?) like hannah and dallas and heather(hey im not fuckin pissed at you ok? and im not talkin shit behind your anyways if i was to who would i talk shit about you? no one i know in school nows you) and some of my buddies came & we went to papa johns n then i went home and slept until 11:30 and then i wayched tv and did notin tonite well i played my fuckin broken bass(thanks DAD!!) hahaha ok love to all of you guys who read this byebye!!
Current Mood: calm
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